HP - Harry & Hermione

36 Icons from Past Challeneges PLUS 17 New Icons

01 - 10 from sortedchallenge (Harry Potter)
11 - 13 from hogwartslims (Harry Potter)
14 - from hp_stillness (Harry Potter)
15 - 18 from cyrus_stills (Miley Cyrus)
19 - 23 from cyrus_lims (Miley Cyrus)
24 - 26 from dstar_stills (Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift)
27 - 36 from hogwartsicons (Emma Watson 10 Variations)
37 - The Last Song
38 - 44 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
45 - 53 Kitten Stock
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Ich Bin Ein Nerd

True Blood, Harry Potter and Kick Ass

Hello! Long time, no post. This is down to the fact that I got so busy working on my MA dissertation before I handed it in that I didn't have time to make icons and then when it was all done and dusted and I was getting back into the swing of things, my laptop spent a couple of days at PC World being completely rebooted. So this is just a selection of what I had uploaded to Photobucket before the Great Computer Crash of last Tuesday.
9 x Kick Ass
23 x True Blood (not sure which episodes, but from season 3, so definite spoilers for people watching at UK pace!)
25 x Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

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