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theiconstop's Journal

The community where fandoms collide!
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all kinds of icons

Rules For Users
1. Comment and Credit. Commenting on the posts you are taking icons from is always nice but you must pay attention to the makers credit information that is found towards the end of their post.
Always Give credit to the person who made your icons!

2. Be nice. You'll have heard the phrase - if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. Use these are a rule of thumb when making comments. I don't want to have to be running around moderating comments!

3.DO NOT HOTLINK! If you find an icon that you like please save it to your computer and upload it to your own image host.

You can always contact me if you need to ask anything or need to report rule breaks etc.


Theiconstop is a community that prides it's self on the range of multi-fandom icons that it offers.

Membership is open! Please feel free to join. Posting access, however, is only granted to people who have been accepted as makers.

Sister Communities

Meet the Makers
laurenpuppetpal fainiel_sims


Rules for Makers
1. Use tags! There are some made already, but if you are posting something that hasn't been posted before, add new ones. This makes it easier for new people to find what they are looking for.
-Further Information on Tags
All posts should be tagged with a "!tag" for example if you are posting icons the tag would be "!icons". The second "!tag" that you should use is your makers tag. These two tags are the bare minimum that should be used. However, they should be followed with informative tags of the fandoms you are posting. Please check the tags before posting if you aren't sure of what tags you should use.

2. Use LJ cuts. If you are posting icons then post them underneath a cut with a maximum of 3 icons as a teaser above the cut. This is so that friends pages don't become spammed by a huge icons post.

3. Try and give links to where you get your images from. If you have galleries that you use please comment this entry and give me the link. That way you can just link straight to this entry at the end of your icon post to give credit for your images.
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